Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

It seems like it has been forever since I've had time to blog. This past year has been quite a year for us. 2 and a half months after Matt's dad passed away, his Mom's dad passed as well. So last Wednesday we drove to Atlanta and took a plane to Denver, Colorado (home sweet home). Jewell did just splendid on the plane. Except for the blow out diaper 30,000 feet up in the air ;). Oh yes, Mommyhood is full of adventures!

The funeral went very well. Pastor Edward Nelson (a long time family friend) led the service. He did an excellent job honoring Grandpa. We were able to get a family picture of everyone from that side of the family as well as one of the 3 of us after the service.

We stayed with Kim and Bernie Smith (Aunt Kim and Uncle Bernie or you could call him Donald Duck now). They definitely spoiled us. Jewell seemed to grow attached to Uncle Bernie real quickly. Here they are playing together.

Oh, and Michael stayed with us one night. He decided to distract Jewell during her "nap."

On Friday, the day after the service, we headed out site seeing. Or that is, Colorado Springs. We went to the Garden of the Gods and enjoyed different views of Pikes Peak.

Garden of The Gods back

While out in Colorado Springs we visited Focus on the Family. We introduced Jewell to Adventures in Odyssey. She was a bit too young to have fun in all the adventure rooms, but we still took some good pictures. Matt also introduced her to the World Famous Chocolate Soda, also known as a Wodfamchocsod. I know, you really shouldn't give a baby chocolate, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

We spent a ton of time with family friends, enjoyed site seeing, and basically just fell in love with Colorado all over again. I can definitely say, we are much closer to moving to Denver than we've ever been. The day after we came home I was extremely sad to be stuck in Greenville. Matt said I had PCD "post Colorado depression." I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming of Denver and try to enjoy the life we have at this time. But for now, I'll admire this panoramic picture that Matt took to go over our bed.

Garden of The Gods & Pikes Peak

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