Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet Potatoes!

It's over. My weekend is over! I have to return to yet another work week tomorrow. I feel like my 48 hours of freedom has just flown by, but not without great memories.

Jewell continues to improve from the stomach bug each day. She's down to only spitting up one bottle a day now. She's still waking once a night, but I think she will eventually adjust back to normal soon.

Since she's been sick I haven't really given her too many solid foods. Actually, I haven't even given her cereal. She was having such a fun day with us yesterday so we decided to try just plain baby food to see what happens. Jewell is not a big fan of mixing baby food with cereal at this point, unless it's bananas. I decided to try a new vegetable on its own, Sweet Potatoes. Boy did she love them! She kept opening her mouth for more! So I decided that we could increase her solid food to 2 feedings a day. Cereal mixed with fruit in the morning, and a half a tub of vegetables in the afternoon. I plan to start this tomorrow. Here are a few fun sweet potato pictures.

I also ran several errands on Saturday morning. I stopped by Trunk Treasures to pick up a few more clothing items for the Spring. I didn't have too much luck, but I did find the cutest Ralph Lauren dress for Jewell. I took a picture this afternoon, but it doesn't really do the dress justice. It has a pretty belt that wasn't tied when I took the picture. But I love the smile so I'm posting it! :). I hope to get a better picture soon. After all, every girl deserves a Ralph Lauren dress, or 5!

Overall it was a great weekend. I really needed to just enjoy my baby girl, and that's what I did.

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