Thursday, March 18, 2010

Missing Dad Again

Dear Matt,
We are so excited you are coming home tonight. Even though it's going to be the very early hours of the morning. Jewell will be so excited to see you when she wakes up.

This morning went much smoother than yesterday. I actually made it to work on time. I was sad to drop Jewell off in the lobby at her daycare again though. She didn't seem to be mind, but I thought of it all day.

Jewell napped a little better in daycare today. She didn't sleep in a crib though. I'm afraid we really need to work on that this weekend. Mrs. Ohler said she was able to get Jewell to eat almost all her cereal with pears. She wasn't too into the sweet potatoes at lunch though. I guess she hadn't napped enough.

This afternoon we enjoyed playing in the bumbo, looking in the mirror, vacuuming (she was in her carrier), and reading time. I put her in the Daddy's Little Sweetheart outfit that you bought her before she was born. I couldn't believe she fit it in already.

Jewell ate half a tub of sweet potatoes for dinner. As you can see, she really enjoyed them! I didn't let her play with the spoon until the end. Don't worry! I made sure she had a good feeding before she had fun with the food :).

We are so excited you are coming home. We have missed you so much. I'm sure you will enjoy taking pictures of our little one tomorrow.

Your two girls

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