Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Miss You Dad

Dear Matt,
Today started out as a mad rush to daycare. I got a little behind since I'm not used to taking Jewell in the mornings. When I got to daycare I realized that no one else in her baby room was there. Not even the teachers :(. I had to leave her in the lobby with the early workers. This made me extremely sad. I hated leaving her there so early (7:15) without her teacher or friends.

Despite being the first baby there, Jewell had a pretty good day. She ate almost all of her cereal and bananas for breakfast. She also ate half a tub of carrots for lunch. However, I wonder if she actually got the carrots in her mouth, seeing that they were all over her clothes when I picked her up :). Jewell didn't nap well at daycare today. Her teacher tried to get her to sleep in the crib, but she barely did. For some reason Jewell insists on only napping in the swing.

After I picked her up we ran to see Grandma at work. I left Jewell with her friend for about an hour so I could run to Bethany Smith's senior violin recital. It was great! I can't believe our favorite babysitter can play the violin so well.

After the recital we went home. By this point she was very fussy. I managed to get her to eat a few bites of cereal with pears. That didn't last long though because she really wanted her bottle. She ate 7 ounces and was in bed by 7. I hesitated putting her down because all she wanted to do was talk. She continued to talk for 10 minutes after I put her down even. But no cries, so I was happy.

We miss you so much Matt. Jewell is going to be sad to not have her Daddy in the morning. I believe she already knows how special mornings with Daddy are. We will be praying that the Lord gives you wisdom at your shoot tomorrow. We will pray that the rain holds off so you can come home tomorrow, even if it's after midnight. We love you so much!

With Love,
Your two girls :)

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