Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slocum Sicknesses

I hope to one day catch up on this blog. However, everything seems to keep me from doing that at this point. We've had a very interesting last couple of days.

It all started on Thursday afternoon. I went to pick Jewell up from her wonderful daycare when I found that they were still feeding her. So I finished feeding her since I missed her so much. I burped her, put in the car seat, and off we went to go home. When I got home I picked her up and we walked to the window. Which is when the projectile spit up happened. I figured, she probably ate too fast, so I waited and fed her again around 30 minutes later. Which is when the second projectile spit up happened. I was concerned by this point so I called the doctor. They told me she probably had the stomach bug and to only give her Pedialite that evening. I had planned to do that, but she then started choking and it scared me to death. She turned tomato red and was struggling with breathing so I turned her over and did a few hard burps. She was fine after that, she just leaned on me for 30 minutes until Matt came home. Matt said it looked like she was dry heaving when she did that so it made me less worried. She fell asleep on Matt and we put her to bed. (Of course, we put the monitor in her bed and went to check on her every time she made a noise) She slept for 13 hours and ate a 6 ounce bottle, so we thought she was fine. We took her to daycare, but got a call that she was having more projectile spit up during her first feeding there. Matt went to pick her up and took care of her the rest of the day.

That evening I ran some errands and brought home dinner. In the middle of dinner, I felt funny. I ended up getting sick just like Jewell and even went to the emergency room. They gave me medicine and 2 liters of fluids because I was so dehydrated. Apparently it's bad to only drink 3 glasses of water during the day, and then get sick that night. We got home around 2 and I slept until 8 which is when Jewell woke. At the same time Matt walked in my room, threw me the monitor and said "I got it." He apparently got just as sick as me.

So we spent the entire weekend sick. ALL 3 of us. It was a horrible weekend. Poor Jewell was still throwing up on Monday too. I called the doctor again and they told me to bring her in right away. The doctor told me only Pedialite for 12-24 hours. We can increase her formula by one ounce and finish the feeding with Pedialite. We are now up to 3 ounces of formula. He also put her on Zantac. He said that she's been over the stomach flu for a few days, but her tummy had a hard time adjusting to food now. The antacids should help her with this. She doesn't really like it, but she seems to be doing a little better (fingers crossed).

I'm so glad we are finished with the virus. It wasn't a fun weekend. But I guess it's the beginning to have a family sicknesses. I'm sure there will be many more down the road. For now, I'll enjoy the healthy side of life.

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