Tuesday, July 27, 2010

12 Weeks

Today I had my 12 week appointment for Little Bump. The heart rate was between 160 and 170! It was good to know everything is looking good. I'm so relieved to have made it to 12 weeks. When I got home from our appointment, I got sick again! I'm definitely ready to end the first trimester :). I'm so thankful for a good napping child. She missed her morning nap so she's taking a long afternoon one. That has really helped.

Monday, July 26, 2010


You're all probably thinking the same thing I did before Saturday. Jewell only sits...she can't possibly get herself into trouble with things that are way out of reach right? Wrong! This past Saturday we continued our office make-over/complete reorganization. Our office will soon be a temporary baby room and workspace for Matt. We made some good progress so I figured it was safe to put Jewell down. Little did I know, she could still get into mischief.

Here she is with the USB cord. Which was way out of reach to begin with.

I walked out of the room to show Matt the USB cord and returned to see that she somehow found this DVD spool, dumped it, flung them around, and even chewed on one!

Just think...she did all this by just sitting!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Above the Lines Series

I'm a huge fan of Karen Kingsbury! She is by far my favorite author. You have to be careful with her books because you might start at the wrong series :). She has 3 different sets of series that go in order. You can find out which one to start with here.

I recently finished reading The Above the Lines series. I've waited several months for books 3 and 4 to come out. I purposely waited for book 4 to be released before reading book 3. I must say they were excellent. Unfortunately, the tale still isn't over. Karen is going to write another set of books to finish the story of Bailey and Cody. I'm a bit sad I have to wait until the month after Little Bump is born :(. But that's okay! That just means I'll have something to occupy my time during those late night feedings!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Out For a Bit

I am afraid I haven't written for a bit! We have been very busy this last week. We went to NJ for a family wedding, and then enjoyed a day in Philly :). We took a ton of pictures while there, but my husband would like to work on them before I post. We came home to a broken refrigerator and I had to throw out several hundreds of dollars worth of food. We have worked on the fridge trying to get it to work every night this week ;). No such luck yet. So while I wait for the pictures, I'm enjoying the one hobby I only get to do in the summer, reading. I'm almost done with a series, and hope to return to my blogging shortly. For now, I'd appreciate your prayers for our fridge situation. It would be nice to just fix it, and not have to purchase a new one.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Months

Jewell is 10 months old today! She has grown up so much these past few months. I finally took her bumper of her crib yesterday :). We are so proud of our little growing Jewell. She's the highlight of our lives!

Jewell can now scoot on her tummy. She goes in circles and basically searches as hard as she can for Daisy's bone! Good thing Daisy grabs it right away. She's down to 3 bottles a day now as well. I have included a juice bottle in the afternoons just to keep her hydrated in this heat. Jewell eats basically all baby food now. Her favorite snack is wheat crackers. Since she doesn't have any teeth I've been slow to introduce adult foods to her. That, and she hasn't shown a ton of interest. Our daughter also enjoys books--if she can chew on them. She amazes me since she chews on everything, and has no teeth! I don't mind keeping her more as a baby though.

Jewell still sleeps for 12 hours and takes 2, 2 hour naps. I've tried doing just a long nap in the afternoons, but then she's pretty fussy come 5 PM. She sleeps from 8-8, but we will change it back to 7 once work begins. I enjoy her staying up until 8 so she can have some Daddy/Daughter time. As soon as her Daddy walks in the house she starts laughing pretty hard. I love to see them play together. He is definitely her world :).

I love my little girl so much. I can't believe she's only 2 months away from the big one!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jewell's hair is making its grand appearance. When she was born her hair was a fuzzy black :). Now it's bright blond! I do believe she's beginning to take more and more like her mother...poor baby. I've wondered if her hair is going to be curly. I've noticed a few curls in Jewell's hair several times. After I washed it this evening I noticed it even more! Poor kid...she's going to have to deal with frizzy curls! At least she'll save money by never having to get a perm!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cow Appreciation Day

On Friday we celebrated Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day. Matt's mom had costumes from last year :). Yes, this family will do anything for free food, especially Chick-fil-A. All 5 of us got free combos, and Jewell enjoyed playing with the big cow!

4th of July

I'm a little late with writing this :). But since I have a 9 month old and I'm now 10 weeks preggers, I think it's okay!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 4th with Jewell this year. Since it was on a Sunday we were able to celebrate with our new small church family. We went to the Garrett's to enjoy a nice hot dog picnic. The kids went swimming and the adults had fun playing basketball, eating, and talking. We loved it!

After the picnic we ran to Matt's Mom's to rescue an escaped beagle :). You can see how guilty he is in this picture.

That evening we attended the fireworks downtown. We met up with Matt's sister Bethany and her boyfriend Jason. Jewell loved the fireworks. We put ear plugs in her ears, and she laid back in her stroller in aw! She's adorable!

We thoroughly enjoyed our 4th as a family of 3!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Sister

We are happy to announce that Jewell is going to be a BIG SISTER! Our next little one is due February 7th. Our kiddos will be about 17 months apart and we wouldn't change it for the world.

This pregnancy has been a bit different than last. I've been extremely sick this time. But we are grateful that I have the summer off.

Here is a picture of the last ultrasound.