Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Greenville Zoo

Today we met up with a friend from work and headed to the Zoo. It was Jewell's very first time visiting. I must say, I was spoiled growing up by living so close to the Toledo Zoo. I was shocked to find out that the Greenville Zoo didn't even have a Bear! Crazy.

Jewell seemed to really enjoy her first Zoo experience. She especially liked the goats, chickens, and pot bellied pig!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Girl Bath

I definitely learned something about Jewell these past few weeks. She does not like change! Jewell is very into her routine :). Last night I decided to introduce the real bath tub to Jewell. She's just too big for the baby tub now! She was a bit upset to begin with because we did a few things out of order last night. Here are a few pictures of her upset before the bath!

When she first got into the bath she was quite scared.

"Oh, good, you're here too Mom."

It took a few minutes, but once I introduced the bath letters, she was just fine!


Yesterday Jewell had been napping for over 2 hours. I finally went in to check on her once I realized I needed her to get up so I could run to Target. I talked with her and tried to get her up, but she just kept sleeping! Here are a few pictures! She's just adorable when she sleeps.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Office Cleaning

Today we started the not so fun process of cleaning out our home office. It's my one room of complete disorganization. We got a lot of work done today! We do however still have much left to finish. Oh well!

Earlier this week I had contemplated getting a babysitter so we could have some uninterrupted cleaning time. We decided to give it a shot without one. If all else failed we could always call Matt's mom. Jewell was a doll today. In fact, she enjoyed chewing on many boxes! She finally gave up on the big one, and went for the bucket instead. Silly girl!

She Can Scoot

My dear daughter Jewell is 9 months old now. She has several great qualities such as: singing, bouncing, laughing, talking, screaming, and sitting. Jewell is content doing those things. I believe she'd sit talk to her toys happily all day if I let her! Little Jewell is just way too content :).

I've been putting Jewell on her tummy a lot. She hated this has a newborn and well...basically most of her life. Recently she's been a bit happier with it. I've tried everything to get her to move. Noisy and flashing toys, balls, Daisy, books, favorite teething rings etc., still no moving. Until yesterday that is. I had her all set up. I put her favorite toys all around her as usual hoping that she'd move just enough to grab one. Daisy left her dog bone somewhat close to the toys. I thought nothing of it. Except for Jewell. She was facing all the toys and somehow noticed the rawhide behind her. It was then she began to scoot on her belly. In fact, she scooted in 3 big circles just to get close enough to the dog bone! It was absolutely adorable. I was completely shocked. My husband always says that it would somehow be the dog that gets her to move. He was right!

Don't worry! I didn't let her chew it. Daisy came and stole it right away even :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What a blast of a day! We were able to go swimming with a good friend from our old church this afternoon. Jewell did "okay." Well, actually, she screamed for about the first ten minutes. She was so scared she was shaking and clinging to me. She did eventually warm up to it though. I figured out that she preferred to watch the kids play, but only if they were very far away from her :). She's so cute. And you know, every girl deserves a polka dot bikini!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend Hiking Trip

This past weekend was Matt's first Father's Day! We certainly had fun celebrating on Sunday, but Saturday seemed to be the big day for the family. Bethany (Matt's sister) had a free weekend for once, and her boyfriend Jason came to visit. We all headed up to Caeser's Head to enjoy a picnic and hike together. Jewell did just splendid! I think she enjoyed looking at the trees, grass, and bugs.