Friday, June 18, 2010

Learning Time

We are in the process of changing Jewell's schedule to be more like ours in regards to eating. She was eating around 7 times a day because her solids and bottles were all separated. My doctor said it was time to change it to be more like our eating times. Jewell has done "okay" with this. I have learned that this requires snacks. I'm currently looking for snacks that don't require my assistance in feeding. Jewell isn't too much of a fan of Cheerios and Puffs. She likes to suck on them, and spit them back out! Hopefully we can find something she'll like.

Another thing we are working on is the Sippy Cup. I have tried several different kinds. The one I've had the most success with is the soft tip. However, Jewell still thinks it's a chew toy, or a toy to bang around!

Something that I have been learning is to let Jewell explore things... I am a true book lover. I take excellent care of my books. I never open a book completely for fear of hurting the binding. As you can see, book loving for Jewell is a bit different.

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  1. that's the problem I had with Brendon. I stuck with the soft tip, and tried to introduce the harder ones later, and failed. it took until just recently for him to drink well from any cup, and I gave it to him around 7-8 months. He has several of those munchkin cups. I also tried the nuby ones, but he chewed on those so much that he split the spout open, so it spills. LOL.

    didn't you know that books taste the best?