Wednesday, June 16, 2010

9 Months

I really wanted to write this yesterday since it was her official day to turn 9 months! But with Jewell getting Tubes put in, I felt like I should cater to her all day instead of blogging :).

Jewell is officially 9 months. What's happened in those 9 months?
1. She's had 8 rounds of antibiotics due to ear infections, so we got her Tubes yesterday.
2. She's learned to babble. She likes to say Ba-Ba over and over again!
3. She's learned to master sitting. Really, I believe she is going to be OCD because she is so particular on how she sits.
4. She's learned to grab things super well.
5. She's learned to take 2, 2 hour naps!
6. She's learned to eat 3 solids a day, finally.
7. She can pick up finger food....but doesn't eat it! Haha.
8. She's learned to laugh, giggle, and try to move all over the place.

Favorite Foods: Chicken and Rice, squash, peas, mixed veggies, yogurt, and bananas!

Favorite Books: Farm Animals, Dr. Seuss, Daisy Fairies, and Clifford!

Favorite Toy: Basically anything that flashes and makes noise

Favorite Animal: Daisy (our dog)

She's grown so much these last 9 months. What a blessing she is to our family :).

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