Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chickamauga Battlefield

On our way back from Tennessee we decided to do some site seeing. Both of us have a love for battlefields. I am obsessed with the Civil War and love visiting anything that has to do with it. I think the hardest part of not teaching 4th grade this year is not being able to share my love of History with my students.

Chickamauga was a very interesting battlefield. I don't think people realize what type of place the soldiers fought in. It was very hilly! There are many neat monuments that have the state name on them to honor the soldiers. We were honored to see Illinois because lived their in Elementary school. Ohio had a huge monument which was special to me because that's where I was born.

The houses on the property were really neat. I was sad that the Craven house was closed. We were able to share the experience together as a family of 3! That was so special to us.

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