Saturday, June 12, 2010

Smiling Faces

The last 2 days have been fabulous. Jewell is on the mend, which makes for a happy Mommy! She's napping again, and playing. We are still working on eating more, but we're doing better :).

Today we had our typical lazy Saturday morning. We fed Jewell, watched the news, drank coffee, and played with Jewell. I love these mornings together. I then left Jewell with Matt for some much needed Daddy/daughter time and headed out to get Daisy her shots. Jewell loved it, Daisy...not so much. I have the scratches to prove it!

Once Jewell woke up from her 2 hour morning nap, we headed to JCPenney for Jewell's 9 month pictures. I decided to get them taken the weekend before her tubes since her surgery is actually on her official birthday. Jewell seemed to have a blast getting her picture taken. We even took a few of Matt and Jewell together since it's Father's Day. Which of course made me spend twice the amount I had budgeted. In the end, I feel it was money well spent. Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Ok, these are the most PRECIOUS photos!!! I can't wait to see her in person sometime this summer!

    Thanks for inviting me to your blog!!
    :) tara