Thursday, June 17, 2010

9 Month Appointment

Jewell is growing up! We went to visit the doctor today for our well visit :). I must say I was so relieved it was a well visit finally! Jewell is now weighs 18 lbs 6 oz. She's almost tripled her birth weight! She's 27 inches long, and her head circumference is 47 1/2 cm. I can't believe she's so big.

Jewell's ears looked great! They said the tubes were definitely working already. I was relieved!

The Doctor was a bit concerned at first about a few milestones she hasn't reached. I was even more concerned though. Jewell doesn't crawl, which isn't a big deal. We were both concerned with the lack of rolling, pulling up, and standing. Jewell never tries to stand, even when I hold her up. She gave me some exercises to do with her to try and help it. The doctor would like her to use a Jumpster to try and get her to use her legs more. I have one, but the door kind, which results in screaming :(. So I'm now looking for a used one (that sits on the floor) or one to borrow for just a few months. They are very expensive! Anyways, I really wasn't too upset when I left. She's just slower than average children. I knew that already since she's was only baby in her baby room at daycare (during the school year) that wasn't crawling, pulling up, or standing.

When I left she reminded me to do lots of tummy time. I really did want to look at her and say, "You come try that then, because all she does is cry." Oh well. I'm just glad she's physically doing well. And that her ears are much better!

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