Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Weekend--Good and Bad

Our weekend started out wonderfully. Matt and I watched a movie Friday night and made great plans for Saturday together. I was so excited about what we hoped to accomplish.

The first thing we did on Saturday was take Jewell to get her 6 month pictures done. She had a cough, but it seemed to be controlled. She was congested too, although I figured it was from allergies hitting her. Despite not feeling well, we were able to get several cute pictures of her.

That afternoon we ran to Home Depot and bought a ton of shrubs and flowers. We have never actually done anything to our flower beds, and I got the urge to plant! So far the beds look great. I plan to mulch them over Spring Break and post pictures once it's all set. We are thrilled with how our yard looks now just by adding a few flowers.

That evening was all about Jewell, she just didn't seem to be feeling well. I had been giving her Tylenol about every 4 hours since I detected a slight fever. She fell asleep after her last bottle like normal, but coughed quite a bit after. Actually, she basically coughed all night. She woke at 2:30 and I could tell she was really in pain. So I gave her more Tylenol and her pacifier. It seemed to soothe her so I went back to sleep.

Sunday morning came and we decided I would stay home from church with her. I'm the only mom who has a baby in the infant nursery that sends her child to day care so I didn't want to spread germs the kids aren't exposed to often. Jewell continued to cough and she had a fever just over 101 around 10:45. So I gave her more Tylenol.

That afternoon we had Matt's sister and her boyfriend over for lunch. Jewell was more fussy than usual, but I figured it was because she wasn't feeling well. After they left she really wasn't acting normal and her cheeks were very red and hot. I took her temperature again (about 4 hours after her last dose of Tylenol) and it was 102.1. By this point she was extremely miserable. I felt just horrible for her. I called the doctor and they told me to bring her in first thing tomorrow morning.

This weekend didn't turn out as hoped. I'm glad we got some good pictures, planted a garden, and had fun with family. But I'm extremely sad to see Jewell so sick. We'll see what the doctor says tomorrow.

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  1. Aw, poor family :( I know having a sick baby impacts each of you. I hope she feels better soon!