Monday, March 15, 2010

Play Time

Jewell is beginning to feel so much better. I walked into daycare this afternoon and she got a huge smile on her face and laughed really loud :). It made me so happy. So we stayed and laughed together for about 10 more minutes. We had a blast together.

When we got home this afternoon we had sweet potatoes again. She enjoyed them, but was very full from her morning cereal with bananas, so we didn't push it.

After our meal I decided she needed to practice sitting in the bumbo seat again. She did a fabulous job! Jewell isn't a huge fan of sitting yet, she usually just leans to the left and complains until I pick her up. Today, she sat up straight and played with toys! Well, she actually was more fascinated with them since they were bright lights and a mirror. We danced together in front of the mirror, which she truly enjoyed. After the dancing died down we read books together.

Daddy came home and the 3 of us ventured outside for a nice evening walk. When we got home Jewell was still in a fun mood. So Matt put her on top of his shoulders. I love this picture!

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  1. She has gotten so much cuter! I love the first picture, she looks so like she's really in to that book. :)