Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5 Months Old!?! No way!

Jewell is now 5 months old. I can't believe it. She's growing up so much. I believe she went through a growth spurt last week too! Here are a few accomplishments for her at this time.

1. Bath time: Without screaming! Huge step for us :) I recently bought a baby bath tub and that has seemed to really help! She just loves kicking in it.
2. Tummy time: Without screaming! She can now hold her head help quite well.
3. Bumbo time: Without screaming! Are you noticing a trend yet? Jewell now sits and plays in it!
4. Cereal: Last week she ate tons of cereal (I think because of the growth spurt). But now she is down to just 2 T at a time. She's not quite ready for more.
5. 4 hour schedule: Once I switched to formula this went splendidly!
6. Sleeping: She is now averaging 10-12 hours of sleep a night. She typically wakes once, makes noise for 5 seconds and falls back to sleep.
7. Laughing: Jewell can laugh really hard and really loud. We usually have fun laughing together for quite a bit each night. I love it.
8. Reading: Or, mommy reading to Jewell actually. But she looks at the pictures now. You can practically see the wheels turning.
9. Grabbing: This is probably my favorite accomplishment. Jewell now picks up toys! She has such a curious look on her face when she does this too! I love it.
10. Sitting up with support.
11. Baby Einstein: I know, not quite that great of an accomplishment. But she LOVES watching it. A nice distraction when I need to get ready for the day :).
12. Stroller rides: Without screaming! Haha. She had a bit of time when we first brought her home. She hated walks, silly girl!
13. Sitting quietly: We are still working on this, but she's beginning to play in the high chair all by herself while we eat dinner.
14. Talking: Yes, she takes after her mother. Yesterday I took her to Walmart and she talked really loud the entire time. Seriously, she doesn't stop ;) I'm so proud!

These are just a few accomplishments, and they mean a lot to me. I'm so proud of my baby girl! She's getting so big, and I don't think I'm ready for her to get bigger. But I do love every minute of it! Here are few recent pictures.

"Mom, I know you're tired, but I'm NOT!"

"Daddy, will you be my Valentine?"

"You want me to do what Mom?"

"Oh, that looks cool!"

"Please do not disturb me, I've discovered something and I'm thinking about it really hard."

"Oh wow Mom! I found a new color over there."

"Yes, I know I'm cute!"

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