Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Hubs

I know I need to post some new pictures of Jewell. But today I just have to brag about my husband. After all, it is Valentine's Day!

I must say that I can't honestly write this post all about how he spoiled me "today." I can't because he spoils me everyday for 365 days out of the year. So here are a few things that mean so much to me!

1. His intelligence. Matt can't settle for just any answer. He must research what he hears in order to know that it's fact. Because of this, we have great intellectual conversations that mean something. We're never bored with the same old talk at dinner. I appreciate that he always wants to learn as well. He's brilliant!
2. His hard work. Last year the economy really hit his company hard. They cut his hours drastically. This didn't discourage him. He simply increased his freelance and made other provisions to provide for us. And he never complained about having to work extra outside of his normal job. Now the Lord has rewarded him with a wonderful promotion.
3. His knowledge on finances. When we first got married we had about 54,000 dollars to pay off. Most of which was my debt from school. We were able to pay it off in just 2 years. If it wasn't for all of his financial planning we couldn't have done it. At times it was a bit annoying, but deep down, I love seeing him graph out all our bills over the year. I mean really, who doesn't want to see a line graph of the water bill each month? ;)
4. His love for his family. Matt's Dad passed away this year. Although it was hard, he didn't let this discourage him from continuing on. Instead, he helped his mom with finances, the funeral, the house, and other big decisions. He didn't care what was happening. If his family needed him, he was there. He amazes me.
5. His love for his daughter. The day Jewell was born he wouldn't stop holding her. We wanted her to sleep in the nursery at the hospital. I asked him to take her there so we could sleep. He looked at me and said "but I'm not ready." He continued to hold her for another hour and a half and just looked at her the entire time.
6. His ability to encourage. I often get discouraged now that I'm a mom and continue to work. I cry to Matt a lot. He always knows exactly what to do or say to put our circumstances in the right perspective. When someone in our family or circle of friends is discouraged, they always know that they can call Matt.
7. His love for the Lord. After everything that our family has gone through this year it would be very easy to question God or even be upset with Him. But my husband always looks to the Lord with Praise. Even after losing his Dad in such a tragic way.
8. His love for me. Matt always listens to me. And believe me, I talk a lot. It doesn't matter what has happened in his day, he listens to me when I need him. He constantly spoils me with little surprises. It's the little things that count! If I even hint that I've had a bad day, I know I'll given a bag of my favorite candy that evening :o). I love the sweet notes he surprises me with by the coffee maker every once in a while. His little random surprises prove to me just how much he constantly thinks about me.

These are just a few wonderful things about my husband. I could list many more! Thank you Matt for being such an amazing husband. I don't know how I'd live without you.

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