Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's finally come. The great milestone of sitting has finally been met. I hesitated to finally announce that Jewell can sit all on her own until today because she kept falling or only staying for about 5 seconds. Until yesterday afternoon, when I sat her down, and she played. She just sat and played. I was shocked! She took it super seriously too. I believe I'm sensing a sudden urge of independence on her part! But the best part of all of this, was when she started throwing herself on to my lap and cracking up. It was so funny. It was like all of a sudden she though "hey, this moving stuff is cool!" Of course, we skipped the rolling stuff and went right to sitting. Silly girl!

No pictures. The camera was in the other room and the boppy was too. I didn't want to leave her and risk Daisy pushing her over. :) Of course, Jewell would fight back. She now loves to pull on the poor pups ears!

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