Thursday, April 22, 2010

Growing Pains

This week has taught me one thing...building an immune system is tough! Jewell was sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever of 101.6. I knew several babies in her room have been out with fevers so it didn't bother me too much. She's been on her antibiotic for a few days so I figured she'd soon be okay. Today she woke up from her nap screaming. Usually after a 2 hour nap she wakes up happy. I took her a temperature right away and it was 102. I gave her Tylenol and took her temperature again 30 minutes was 102.7. After an hour on the Tylenol it only went down to 102.3. So I decided she needed to back to the doctor.

After poking her foot with a needle twice to draw blood, they told me they had no idea what was causing the high fevers. Her blood count was fine! If she continues to have fevers in the 102 range by Friday night I'm to take her in again on Saturday. Poor Jewell!

We go to the ENT on Tuesday at 3:30. I think I'm going to actually tell them to put tubes in before they even evaluate her! I just want all these fevers to go away...

On the bright side, Jewell is doing great with sitting up!!! She's almost able to do it without any type of assistance. I'm so proud! She's getting so big already :). Oh, and she also learned how to take her diaper off. I wasn't too thrilled about that one!

Here are a few pictures from earlier this week!

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