Monday, April 19, 2010

Ear Infections and More

I had to take my little Jewell back to the doctor today. She seemed to not be completely better from her ear infection. After cleaning out her ears it was determined she still has the same ear infection from a month ago. This is now the 3rd antibiotic for just this ear infection. They have referred her to Greenville ENT to discuss tubes. Since she's been on 6 round of antibiotics in just 3 months they think it's a good idea to look further into the ear issue. Poor Jewell! I hope she feels better soon.

After the doctor visit this afternoon Jewell did some things that required a bath! So off we went, bath time! She had fun kicking and sucking on her pink duck. She usually loves her baths, until I take her out. She hates the cold air. So today I tried a different approach and gave her a toy to play with while I dried her off. It worked! No tears today :). What a blessing!

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  1. Poor Jewell! I hope that the ENT has a good solution for you both. My brother and I both had tubes in our ears when we were little. Let us know how it goes!