Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Again!!!

Why is it that when it's super nice outside Jewell is stuck sick! I feel so bad for her. I truly hope this summer is better.

I took Jewell to the doctor at 8:30 this morning. She kept me up all night basically so I knew we needed to go in. It looks like the last round of antibiotics didn't do her ear infection any good. The doctor is concerned about the fluid not going away with antibiotics the first time since this has happened twice. He wants to see us again in 3 weeks. If she still has fluid in her ear then he wants to begin discussing tubes. Especially since the winter is over. If she still gets infections in the summer tubes is the only option.

My poor baby is now on a different antibiotic. I had them flavor it grape for her. She really can't stand bubble gum flavor! I hope she gets better soon. We were practicing a lot with sitting up and rolling last week, and now that's all put on hold-again. She only wants held while she's sick :(.

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