Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Growing and Gravity

Dear Matt,

After I picked Jewell up from day care we ran home for some much needed mommy and me time. I put her in the walker so I could get her dishes from day care in the dishwasher right away. She had a blast playing in it.

Last night you told me that it looked like Jewell had gotten much taller recently. I noticed this as well today. She can touch the floor with her toes!

Jewell finished eating her peas from lunch for dinner tonight. She also ate half a tub of pears. She was a pretty happy girl. I've been trying to teach her to stay in her highchair and play while I clean up from dinner. I'm surprised I actually got this picture because it looks like she discovered gravity today. She kept pushing the blocks off the tray and laughing. It was so adorable.

Jewell had fun in her bath tonight. She has figured out that she can push her legs straight out and rest them on the other edge of her tub. It's so funny! She didn't cry until I took her out and she felt the cold air. I'm really trying to teach her not to do that, but one can only do so much! She ate her bottle and fell asleep right at 7:00 Pm.

We are thrilled to know that you return home tomorrow. I know Jewell will be so happy to see her daddy.

With Love,
Your two girls


  1. Have we had enough yet, taking our little ones to daycare so early? Time for the hubbies to come home already!

    Hayden and I saw Jewell yesterday. We stopped and talked to her. Sweet smile!!!

  2. Aw thanks!

    And I am very ready to see our hubbies! It's amazing how different life is without them home.