Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Baby Lessons

This has been an interesting weekend. Family name it, it's my weekend! Jewell has been a dear. That is, until 7 PM comes and she realizes she's not in bed. Yesterday we were at my husband's Mom's house and it was 7. Jewell started screaming very loudly. She screamed the entire way home. She screamed for 30 minutes after we got home. She then woke up screaming many times until about 11. Why? Because she was too tired from staying up past bed time! People keep telling me that Jewell will be fine staying up, and that she should do what we do. That's nice and all...but my child needs 12 hours of sleep.

Which brings us to today. We had graduation for Stephanie which caused Jewell to miss her afternoon nap. Jewell was great until about 5:00 when we left for Josh's wedding rehearsal dinner. She cried the entire way there, and then for 10 minutes after! So I gave in and fed her early. She was happy then. Of course, I left early to try and get her home and into bed. I promise you, at EXACTLY 7 PM she started screaming. She screamed the entire way home. She screamed in her crib too. I had to give her a bottle again to get her to calm down. Again, I have no problems with this child if she gets to bed by 7 PM. It's almost like she has an alarm set to go off right at 7.

I guess this weekend has taught me one thing. Don't mess with bed time! Oh, and if people criticize you for your "schedule" just roll your eyes! :).


  1. I can definitey relate. Em starts melting down around 6:45 and we pretty much always have her in bed by 7/7:15 at the latest--even if something special is going on. Some people don't understand, but it's not their baby! Most of the time I LOVE the early bedtime, gives us a lot of time to be productive and just hang out together!

  2. I have to admit that I don't know what I'd do without the early bed time!