Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun Afternoon

Yesterday, Jewell had a very fussy afternoon. I even took her to the doctor thinking she may have an ear infection. They didn't see anything wrong with her, so they said not to worry about anything. Of course, I know something is wrong. She has a bad cough that keeps getting worse and is only drinking bottles. Her teacher at daycare agreed and recommended giving her some motrin tonight. She was much better once the motrin kicked in. We actually had a great afternoon playing :).

Jewell enjoyed looking outside...

She heard me snap a picture and looked over for another one!!!

I think she thinks she's a model :). I took this picture because she was pushing straight up with her legs! But she posed like this instead...

I'm so glad we had a fun afternoon. Her cough is getting worse, but it could be a teething thing too. She actually ate her solids tonight so that was good. A friend that goes to the same CDC has an upper respiratory infection this week. I hope Jewell isn't getting it too. She's been through a lot of antibiotics lately.

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  1. Amy, I don't remember, but did you think about allergies? I know she's young, but it could be. cause that's what it sounds like. just too bad that allergy meds aren't approved for infants.