Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Day Together

I was fortunate to be able to celebrate Jewell's 8 month by spending the entire day with her! Boy was it fun just spending time together. I am doing my best to treasure all the small moments while I can. She's getting too big too fast.

I dressed Jewell in the first outfit we ever purchased for her!

Matt had to work at the BMW Pro-am this weekend. But he did get to come home and play for a bit before he headed out to tape Arena football. He's such a wonderful provider. I don't know how he balances it all. The two of us adore him.

Yikes, I need to dust that mirror! She loves playing with this toy.

And of course, we ended out evening with our nightly bath. This was BEFORE she decided to use the restroom all over... There is definitely a first time for everything! Poor baby. Her antibiotic is really messing with her tummy.

After Jewell went to bed I was finally able to look at my consignment purchases for the day. I took Jewell to Little Pampered People for the first time. I bought all of these clothes for 19 dollars. I feel like I got some good quality stuff.

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