Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ear Infections...PLEASE Go Away

About 2 weeks ago I had a feeling Jewell was getting an ear infection. I even took her to the doctor right when I predicted it. When Jewell gets an ear infection, she doesn't eat much. The doctor then said she didn't have enough fluid in her ears to be truly infected. A few days later she had a horrible cold. Which she spread to use of course. I kept thinking she had an ear infection, but we decided to wait just in case it was the virus making her not eat.

This weekend was horrible. She wouldn't nap, sleep, or eat. I figured she was just sick with the virus that we had so I gave her Motrin. I really wanted to make sure it was an ear infection because it was so expensive to go back to the doctor again.

Yesterday, I decided to schedule an appointment for the ENT because she still wasn't eating half of her bottle or any solids. However, that evening she ate all of her bottle and a jar and a half of solid foods. She even ate her cereal this morning and her bottle. We decided to cancel the appointment thinking she was getting better. After all, the virus was basically gone!

This afternoon I noticed she was very warm. I took her temperature and it was 102.1. She had been fussy and very clingy so it didn't surprise me. I took her to the doctor (all the way across town) and yes, she has an ear infection.

We now have to go back to the ENT to discuss tubes again. The ENT wanted Jewell to make it for 5 weeks without one. She only made it for 2 weeks :(. I'm so ready for tubes!

Here is a cell phone picture from the doctor visit today.

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