Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Dear Matt,
Guess what? You didn't miss too much while in Charleston tonight. I mean it too! The only thing you missed was drool, spit-up, and bad diapers! :) Poor girl is teething. Mrs. Ohler (her teacher) agrees. Her gums are swollen, and she's chewing on everything. Her bibs are getting completely soaked.

We had a pretty good afternoon together. Jewell only napped for 30 minutes at daycare this afternoon, so she took about a 40 minute nap in the swing when we got home. I fed her a jar of Chicken and Rice for dinner, and a half a jar of bananas. She did a great job eating!

She did okay with her bath this evening. But as soon as I went to pick her up out of it she screamed. Poor girl! She really liked chewing on her rubber ducky.

I gave her some Motrin before bed because she wasn't very comfortable. I hope the tooth comes through soon! Especially since she drooled all over my clothes this afternoon :).

We miss you bunches! And we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Your two girls

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  1. Oh, and she sat in the boppy because Daisy kept making her laugh so hard she'd fall over!