Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Next Year

Most of you know that it's been hard for me to work and leave Jewell this year. I've pretty much heard it all from everyone. It really hurts when people tell me I just need to sacrifice. And it really bothers me when people look at me and say "but it's so important." They don't know why I'm working. They have no idea what my family has been through this year. And they especially don't know how much harder it is to work full-time and be a wife and mom. I feel judged all the time. Well, I know that I am to keep working. I have given up on explaining it to people. Truly...I give up.

As for next year. I plan to keep working. Which brings me to the great part of that. Ever since I became a teacher I dreamed of teaching 2nd grade. I have begged since the day I was hired. It's my true calling. I student taught 2nd and loved it. It's my passion really. Yesterday my boss told me she was moving me to 2nd grade. I looked at her and said "I'm thrilled." She then said..."thanks." It's been a big dramatic thing at work for everyone to be moved around. My boss assured me it had nothing to do with my scores. My PASS scores were great so I know it can't be that. She just simply granted my request. And for that I feel honored.

So for now, I'm glad to be working. It's what the Lord has for our family at this time. And now I get to do what I truly love. I'm looking forward to looking forward to going to work for once!

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  1. I totally understand. I'm glad you got 2nd grade!