Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exciting and Funny Things

Dear Matt,
We are sad that we haven't heard from you today. However, we love that you are doing your best to work so hard to provide for us. Your girls are so proud!

This afternoon was full of excitement for me. After we got home today I put Jewell in her walker. She figured out how to move it! She would move, stop, and look confused. It was so cute. She only went forward, but it was such a momentous occasion. I'm so sorry you missed it.

Jewell had another day of spitting up, bad diapers, and drool. She went through 3 outfits at daycare today. I'm ready to get her off this horrible antibiotic. I still think she is starting to teeth. Especially since she only wants to chew on the right side of her mouth. She now has a new habit of sticking her tongue out of the right side of her mouth for very long periods of time. It's adorable. I wonder if it makes her gums feel better.

Jewell enjoyed finishing her carrots from lunch, and a jar of apples for dinner. She wasn't her normal self during dinner tonight. She kept leaning forward and tucking her chin.

The nightly bath went just fine. She sucked on all her bath toys and had a blast. Of course, her normal fussy time came shortly after. I then gave her a bottle, and put her to bed. She was exhausted!

We are so glad you are coming home tonight. I know it will be super late. But at least we'll have the security of knowing you're here.

Your two girls

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