Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Miss Daddy

This week has been very interesting. It's my first week back to work since Christmas break, and of course right when life gets the busiest, Matt has to leave town for 6 days for work obligations. We miss him terribly. And to top it all off, Jewell is going through a growth spurt. I should have seen it coming, after all, she is 16 weeks old now.

With Matt gone, and me and baby all alone, I've done my best to enjoy the moments as just the two of us. It's hard taking her to daycare (Matt usually does) and realizing she's the only one there that early, and then only getting a few hours with her before her bed time. But I've tried my best to look at the positive side of it all by enjoying every moment I have with her in the evenings. Her newest thing is laughing really hard! I like to put her on my lap and move her arms really fast. She must love it because she laughs so loud! It's adorable. I can't wait for Matt to see it when he gets home on Sunday. We miss you Daddy! Here are a few pictures of her from this week.

Jewell loved playing with her new Dr. Seuss stuffed animal. She was laughing pretty hard here.

Each night I put her in the highchair to practice sitting by herself. This gives me time to clean the bottles and get them made for the next day. She makes the cutest little faces.

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