Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Morning

Friday's are my early day. The kids arrive at school at 7:15 and I'm responsible for watching the 4th graders. Which means I have to leave around 6:45 AM. I decided to get Jewell up just a bit earlier today so I could say goodbye to her. I'm so glad I did this. When I walked into her room she gave me the biggest smile and stuck her tongue out! She LOVES to smile with her tongue sticking out now. She was just adorable! So many people tell me that it gets easier to leave your child for the day, I don't believe them anymore. It just keep getting harder to leave her! I often feel like I miss the best part of the day with her. She's always so happy in the mornings, and I rarely get to enjoy it. I always tell my husband he's spoiled because he gets to feed her at her best. I'm so glad it's the weekend. Here are the pictures I just had to take this morning.

I always give Jewell her evening bottle. She's just adorable!

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