Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sleety Saturday

Ahhh, this morning I was awakened to a hungry baby around 5:40 AM. I knew she was hungry because she downed 6 oz and fell right back asleep. And she never drinks that much in the morning! While feeding her I listened to the sleet fall from the sky. It stopped sleeting hard around 6:00 AM. Once Jewell finished eating I put her right back to bed and we all slept until about 8:00. It was just splendid. Jewell of course woke us. Which is when we decided that it would be fun to just lay in bed for 2 hours and play with her. We had a blast drinking coffee, giggling, and of course watching the Today Show.

About mid morning I decided to eat an early lunch. Jewell kept fussing kind of funny. I noticed it was every time I put a cracker in my mouth. So I thought I better see if she wanted something to eat herself. We tried rice cereal again and she loved it! I think she's beginning to feel much better because she wasn't interested in it at all earlier this week.

This afternoon we decided to venture out into this so called Severe Weather. The roads were fine. We went to Target to buy 3 packs of Pampers (the only kind that works for Jewell) to receive a 5 dollar gift card. I used the gift card and a Nestle coupon towards a second purchase which just so happened to be formula. I got a 25 dollar can of formula for 12 dollars! I was so excited. I also had coupons for the diapers. I saved big with the baby stuff today. I also picked up a few organizational things and two more laundry baskets. Our house is pretty small, so the more organization the better!

And here we are all cleaned up from our cereal!

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