Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Milestone!

Life is beginning to get more and more exciting with our little Jewell. She has been very sick this week, but tonight she had her energy and happy self back. Jewell typically doesn't like sitting in her bouncy seat while I cook. I've been trying to teach her to a little bit at a time. Tonight I tried it again. She finally noticed the little toys in front of her! She kept playing with them too. I was so proud.

Once dinner was ready I decided to put Jewell in her highchair (we have to practice this). I put some toys on the tray to see if they would distract her so we could eat. About halfway through dinner Matt and I noticed something different. It was quiet! Jewell was just sitting in her highchair sweetly playing with her toys. She even picked them up all by herself and put them in her mouth. We were so proud!

Jewell seems to slowly be getting better. Her cough is still pretty rough, but she's starting to eat more again, a huge blessing. I'm so happy to see her start to get back to her normal happy self.

I was talking to Jewell while she was in her swing this afternoon. Daisy got a bit jealous. She insisted on sitting on my lap! 35 lb. dog thinks she's a lap dog. spoiled!

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