Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This Christmas Break has not gone as expected. I thought for sure I'd get some good quality time with Jewell. So far it's been more about comforting her than playing with her and visiting some friends. That's okay. I'm glad to be there for my little one.

This morning, we took Jewell to get new tubes. They put more durable tubes in both ears. The left one was for sure clogged, and the right one was already working its way out of the ear canal. He had a bit of fixing to do in the right ear because skin was growing underneath the tube. He said that needs to be watched carefully to prevent that from happening again. Dr. McLear also removed her adenoid today. He said it was quite enlarged. I didn't realize an enlarged adenoid would continue to give her infections and prevent the inner ear from draining properly. I'm so grateful for a good doctor.

Overall the surgery went well. The recovery was much longer in the recovery room this time since she also had her adenoid removed instead of just getting tubes. She had an IV and was pretty out of it for about an hour. Poor baby. She is still resting in her crib. I have a feeling it's going to be a low key kind of day.

I snapped a picture from my cell before surgery!

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