Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas for a Family of Three

This year we weren't able to go home for Christmas. So Matt and I tried to make it as special as possible with our little Jewell. We bought her several fun toys this year including: Mega Blocks, a doll house, and her first baby doll. Her Great Grandma Kistner bought her some cute clothes and Weebles. And Grandma Kistner bought her Christmas pajamas and a crawling baby doll.

We thought for sure our little Jewell would tear open the gifts. But, Jewell was consistent with her laid back personality and was more interested in having us open the gifts while she pounded on her new treasure :). It was adorable. Once all the gifts were open, we thought for sure she'd want to play with them. As you can see, she thought going to the kitchen and taking out mixing bowls, spoons, and canned goods was much more interesting!

Later, after Jewell's morning nap, we decided we better help her enjoy her toys. Here are a few fun pictures.

And of course, we couldn't forget about Daisy! She got a new chew toy for Christmas!

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