Monday, December 20, 2010

New Tubes

Little Jewell went to the ENT today to see if her left tube had unplugged. Unfortunately, we didn't get good news. She has to get a new tube on Wednesday. Apparently she has had so many infections the tube got clogged from draining. Lovely. He is also going to look at her adenoids to see if they are enlarged. He said if they don't look good he'll remove them. He seemed to be very disappointed that she's still getting infections.

Jewell is starting to FINALLY feel better. She's been on the antibiotic since Thursday, and started eating normal meals again on Sunday. Today was the first day she didn't have a fever or need any pain medication since Wednesday. Praise the Lord!

In other news, Jewell accomplished a great milestone today! She's never crawled the normal crawl. She's always done a modified version of a scoot crawl :). But today, she actually got on all fours and crawled to me. She was so proud of herself too! It looks like the Physical Therapy is working. And I feel like I have a little glimpse of hope that she might actually start walking independently soon.

Here is an adorable picture of her in her Christmas pajamas. We think she looks like an adorable little elf.

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