Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day

Yesterday, we woke up to a fun little surprise! Or at least for Jewell it was :). It snowed! When we brought Jewell downstairs she could see it falling and all she wanted to do was go outside. We read a ton of books on snow this winter so now she's completely fascinated with it.

After breakfast, I put Jefferson down for a nap, and then took Jewell outside. She was so excited! In fact, she was VERY upset we had to go back inside. I was really proud of Jewell for her attitude about the snow actually. This is the first time she actually wanted to touch it!

Jewell just loves snow now. I wish I had a picture of her looking at the camera and smiling. She's sort of in a bit of a stubborn streak :).

Touching the snow for the first time (don't worry, I did give her gloves later!)

Stepping in the snow for the VERY first time (without screaming).

Jewell's first official footprints in the snow :).

We also woke up to another surprise that morning. We were just given a new used fridge by our landlord the day before. Well, it died that night. So I was able to save some food thanks to the snow :). Not all of it survived, but some did!

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