Monday, March 26, 2012

Eyes, Sickness, and Pigtails

This last week was truly fully of blessing, but I must say, it was a week that really tested me. Things went great with the kids, but this Mommy got sick. And folks, Mommy just isn't supposed to get sick! So before I explain that, I'll talk about the fun part :).

I took Jefferson to his eye appointment this week to see if he had a lazy eye. By the time we got to the appointment, I was pretty sure it was just the fold of his eye (that he so willingly inherited from me). Dr. Johnson was so sweet. Jefferson really responded to her well which is always a good thing. The first thing they tested was to see if his left eye turned in at all. It didn't so she said it looked like it was the fold, but she wanted to do a refraction test just to make sure it wasn't a farsighted problem. They put 2 drops in each eye and then waited about 45 minutes before the test. By the time the second test started, he was really confused. He didn't really like how bright the office was because his eyes were so dilated. In fact, he didn't like this test at all. She had a hard time keeping his eye open to look into it. Poor fella. But we did complete the test and she was amazed at how great of vision he has. She said he had better vision than most babies at his age :). SCORE! I was very pleased. Dr. Johnson did ask me to bring him back in 1 year just to make sure everything was still okay. I have no problem with that.

After the appointment, we went to pick up Jewell from our good friend Shelly's. I'm so blessed. The women in my Home Group from church are amazing. It really wouldn't have worked well to take Jewell to that appointment. They actually ask you to not bring other children with you. Shelly offered to watch Jewell for me that morning and it was so much easier. Jewell just loves her kids and was dying for a day to play with them. We hung out with her for a while and then we headed home. It was that afternoon that I started to not feel well. I couldn't tell what it was so I decided to just sit on the couch during nap time (if you know me know it takes a lot for me to give up my cleaning routine during nap time). I finally gave up and decided I was just being lazy so I continued with my regular cleaning schedule. I did decide not to run that afternoon though.

That evening after dinner we decided to go for a quick drive. It was really nice out (we've had a ton of rain lately) so we thought it would be nice to get out for a bit. It was on the way home that it finally hit me. I was sick. I told Matt he better get home fast! I had a horrible stomach bug from about 7:30 PM to 4 AM. I'm pretty sure I got a bit dehydrated with it too. I'm so fortunate to have a husband that helped me so much. He helped me most of the night actually! The next morning I was so worn out all I wanted to do was sleep. But you just can't do that with a 2 year old and a 1 year old. Matt decided to go in late to work and he ran to the store to buy me soup and gatorade. We then decided it was going to be a TV day. Well, at least for Jewell. Jefferson played on the floor and got into mischief. I'm so glad he takes 2 naps right now :). I don't know how I would have survived. Then Matt came home at lunch, made the kids food, fed them, made me food, and put the kids down for a nap for me. How blessed am I! So I rested on the couch for 2 hours and then Jefferson woke up. This time he was much more active too. But seeing that I still had macaroni on the floor from lunch, he was pretty occupied eating for a while (oops...).

It took me about 2 days to recover, but I can honestly say, I could NOT have survived without my husband. I'm so glad the Lord blessed me with him :). Jewell watched Dora for 2 days straight, but hey, I'm better! And now she knows how to say her numbers and colors in Spanish :). I can't complain!

As for Jewell, well, I've been debating on whether or not to cut her hair. Her hair is pretty much just like mine, yet finer. I can't put her in bangs because they won't really lay right so I've been playing with it to see what I should do. I put her in pigtails this weekend for the first time. She LOVED them. I think they make her look so grown up. I'm so happy I decided not to cut her hair now :).

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