Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rain Season = Kid Time

Well, it's that time again here in Oregon. Rain. That's all I can say really. It just sort of spits all day. If you look at the 10 day forecast all it says is rain. If there is a day that says no rain, just check back a few hours later and it will be changed to rain drops :). It's funny though. I'm starting to really like it! We have learned to sneak out of the house as much as possible when the sun decides to peak through the clouds. And it makes me really look forward to a beautiful summer.

Last year, my good friend Cindy introduced us to Kid Time. This place is amazing. They have tons of stuff for kids to do. Since it's Spring Break Cindy decided it was time to go again. We joined them of course and I'm so glad we did. If you know me, you know that's been a real challenge to get my kids to play without my constant helping them. It's not that I mind playing all day, but there are times when I really do need to do other things. Well, today, as soon as we got into Kid Time, that all changed. They took off! They had so much fun. All I did was take pictures :). It's so neat to watch them be creative in a fun environment that was made just for them.

Here are the kids checking out the giant checkerboard.

Water fun!

The slide. This place has a ton of slides. It was hard to get her to leave them!

More water... :)

This is in the baby section. Jefferson hung out here for quite a while. He just loved it!

Jewell made a friend with a little boy that just LOVED dinosaurs. I tried not to take his picture though.

I think this was Jefferson's favorite spot. The dirt is actually a soft rubber. He really liked filling the dump trucks up and then dumping them.

My camera didn't get the best picture of this. But let me tell you... I NEVER thought I'd see the day this happened :). I'm so proud of my girl!

And then Jefferson crawled back to the construction pit.

Jewell really enjoyed the craft section.

Kid Time had a special music time for the little ones. The kids really enjoyed this. I am going to make a bunch of fun musical things for them now. It looks pretty simple :).

The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves today. I think once Jefferson drops his first nap, I'll become a member. We'll definitely be going every week next winter :).

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  1. This place looks AWESOME! I wish I could have access to that construction pit for my boys!