Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

What an amazing Memorial Day Weekend! I think it was the very first Memorial Day Weekend we've had in the last 4.5 years of marriage that Matt wasn't working a freelance job. We truly had a blast as a family. I'll let the pictures explain it all :).

We bought Matt a grill!

We were sent a gift card by Matt's old company. I wanted to use it for a cheap swing, but Matt did NOT like the cheap ones. So, we decided to use the gift card for a kid pool, swings, and a water table (on order still). Which meant, he wanted to BUILD us our first swing set. Jewell thought this was great, and tried to be Daddy's little helper all weekend.

Daddy! You need my help!!!!!

She loves doing what Daddy does :).

And she's also a girl, she got distracted easily!

The kids really needed a bath after the first evening of cutting the wood.

Jefferson enjoys trying to escape.

Day 2 of building!

And here it is all finished! We purposely left the end sticking out. We aren't sure what we want to put there. We will probably let the kids decide as they get older.

Matt would have made is Dad so proud!

Jewell has a new obsession to swinging. She did not stop laughing!

The total cost of our nice wood swing set: 100 dollars! I hope to add on to it as the kids get older and our family grows. You did a great job Matt!

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