Friday, June 3, 2011

Mr. Chubbers turns 4 Months

Wow, has June 1st already come and gone? You have got to be kidding me! It's a good thing I remembered to snap a picture of Jefferson that day :). Boy has he grown.

I'm not exactly sure what all the stats are for him at this time. As soon as a I get my new license I can prove that I live in Oregon so we can get health insurance. So, hopefully in the next few weeks I can give a full health report. I do know that I'm definitely not worried about weight gain with him! Hence the nickname, Mr. Chubbers (that's Mommy and Daddy's nickname at least).

Jefferson has reached a few milestones. He can sleep 10 hours now on a regular basis. Sometimes 11 hours. We are currently working on pushing it to twelve, but he's still young so he has plenty of time. He is napping about 3 times a day. I wish I could say those were always 2 hours, but he ranges from 1.5 to 2 hours most days (for at least one good nap). He is still eating every 3 hours during the day. He has gone 3.5 hours a few times though. I have hope that it will come soon.

Jefferson can roll from his tummy to his back. But he will only do that when you are playing with him. NEVER, when upset. Silly boy! He tries to go from back to tummy, but usually gets stuck on his side. He also pulls on his toys now when laying on his play mat. His biggest accomplishment this month is supported sitting. He seems to really want to sit on his own, but doesn't quite have the balance. Every time he's in his car seat or bouncy now though he picks his head up to look at things better. So I know it's only a matter of time. Jefferson is also getting much more curious of his surroundings. I have to try and find a quiet place for him to eat in order to get a full feeding in, or else he's looking around and laughing. Have we really hit this stage already? I love it!

Jefferson loves laughing at Jewell. I can't wait to enjoy watching them play together when it actually makes sense. And of course, Jewell loves calling Jefferson, "her baby." Too sweet.

The little man was introduced to the swing (don't worry, we didn't really push him much) yesterday. And I may or may not have had fun dressing him up with Jewell's sun glasses. Poor kid, he'll really like it when I show his future girl friends one day! :)

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