Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing New Things

I'm a bit behind. I have TONS of pictures. TONS! But I've been too busy to post. Well, that and the next book from my favorite author came out so I've been reading during my "free time." I put free time in quotes because that only happens after the kids are in bed and everything is picked up. :) Oh the joys of being Mommy!

The kids are doing well. I recently introduced Jewell to her new kid pool. It took a really long time (like 30 minutes) to get her to stop clinging to me, and I eventually had to get in the water in order for her to see that it was a fun activity. But, she did learn to love her little pool.

Jefferson is now eating cereal. I have tried Avocado with him and he just doesn't like it. But he needs more food. I'm not able to keep up with his needs with just my milk anymore. I was amazed with how much happier he now is. He LOVES grabbing the spoon too :).

I also taught Jefferson how to use the jumper. He is doing pretty well with it :). Ignore the messy pantry, I've already cleaned it since then.

And this picture is for my Mom. Jewell loved the dress her Nana bought for her a few weeks ago.

It's so much fun introducing the kids to new things. Each one adapts to things so differently. I'm enjoying learning the different personalities of my children.

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