Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kid Time

Today, my dear friend Cindy took Jewell, Jefferson, and me to a cool place in Medford called Kid Time. I was super excited because I hadn't left the house since Sunday. I also desperately needed some adult time. But I think the best part was knowing that Jewell could actually act like a toddler her age (since she has now mastered walking).

Kid Time is a safe place for kids to enjoy a variety of different hands on activities. They have activities for toddlers, to even the oldest of kids :). They can go shopping, go to the bank, post office, ballet, construction site, etc. Jewell had an absolute blast at Kid Time! She seems to really like Cindy's kids :), especially Josiah. It was so neat to see Jewell walking around and playing with all the different activities.

Thank you Cindy for taking us, and for helping me out with the kids so much! It was a bit difficult to work with Jewell since I had Jefferson in my Baby Bjorn.


  1., Amy! Glad you all got to do that. Reminds of the children's museum in Gville. You should check out a buckle-carrier you can wear Jefferson on your back, like an Ergo, Boba, or Beco (just to name a few). It feels totally different than wearing on your front, and when they're his age (though I know he's a chunk! ;)), you can hardly even notice they're back there if you have the weight distributed correctly; plus, you have your hands freed up.) My guess is that they'd actually be more likely to have something like that on Craigslist out there than here.

    I love the look on Jewell's face in all these!

  2. I'll check those for sure Keren! I wish we could have gone to the Children's Museum when we lived in SC. But we decided it would be much more worth our money if we waited until she walked :).

  3. That was a good idea. :) We like the museum here, but Hana Kate definitely gets the most out of it, and would get even more out of it if she were older. Eden just gets wet at the splash area. ;)