Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ear Piercing and Park Enjoying

This has been a blast of a weekend. We headed to the mall first thing on Saturday and got Jewell's little ears pierced. We are heading to the beach in SC next week so we decided Jewell needed to look like a true beach cutie! Jewell did a great job getting her ears poked. She cried for about a minute, and I was sure the day of happiness may be over. But then, the kind lady gave Jewell a grape sucker. Suddenly, the look of, "What on earth did you do to me" went to, "Oh, a sucker! I like suckers Mommy". Gotta love little girls!

That afternoon Jewell enjoyed her typical 3 hour nap. I also enjoyed a nice nap. After the nap, we headed to the park :). It finally feels like Spring here in Oregon, so EVERYONE was at the park. We didn't mind. It was nice to see families playing in the park together (except for the family whose dad looked at his kids and said, sorry kids, your Mommy would rather be sitting on the bench on Facebook...yes, that mad me quite upset...poor kids).

Jewell enjoyed the swings at the park very much. She refused to let go of her snack cup, but that's okay!

Jefferson enjoyed hanging out in the stroller :).

I was a little nervous about our bed time routine Saturday night because we were going to have to clean Jewell ears. Boy does that girl have a high pain tolerance! She didn't even care that we turned her earrings and cleaned them! Way to go Jewell!!!

On Sunday morning I did my typical routine of dressing the kids and saying, "Let's take pictures." Poor Jefferson, he got stuck in a hat today! As you can see, he wasn't so sure Mommy made the right choice on his attire.

The service was good this morning, I was sad our Teaching Pastor wasn't there this week. We definitely missed his sermon.

We definitely had a great weekend as a family. We are so glad the weather was so nice!

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