Friday, April 29, 2011

Took the Plunge

I can't believe I'm admitting this. A few months ago I would laughed if you told me I would give into this new trend. I used to laugh at others who gave in. I had all the excuses in the world.

1. They are gross.
2. My water bill will kill me.
3. My husband would never let me.
4. I don't have time for that!

And then, I moved to Oregon. Yes, my friends, I have taken the plunge. I'm now a cloth diaper Mom. You see, slowly my excuses were no longer valid. I no longer have a water bill (my landlord pays for it). I have time since I'm home and I do laundry all the time. And well, I had a boy! Boys dirty diapers a LOT and I'm pretty sure my son has the innate ability to poo sideways and out every single diaper I've tried on him. I was already cleaning out his outfits. So what was the purpose of the disposable diaper? They weren't working!!! Which is when it happened. My biggest excuse turned on me. Yes, my husband looked at me a few weeks ago and said, "Maybe we should look into cloth diapers." It was then that I knew my battle with the cloth diaper world was over.

One would think that looking into cloth diapers would be easy. Ha! I don't think I did as much research on my Geography project on Nepal! There are way too many types of cloth diapers. Fortunately, I had friends that helped me narrow down which kind would be my style. To make the long research of cloth short...I picked the Oh Katy pocket diaper to try. I am happy to report, my son has not leaked yet! In fact, he's absolutely adorable in them! I don't even want to put clothes on him because it covers his cute little dipe bottom. But I guess since it's still chilly here clothes will do for now.

Yes my friends, I'm afraid I finally took the plunge...and I'm never going back!

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