Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just the Right Size

A few weeks ago I unpacked the bumbo seat for Jefferson. Jefferson sits in it fairly well, but he hasn't really had the time to practice sitting in it due to a certain toddler who thinks it's hers :). So this past weekend we decided to look for a little kid chair for Jewell. We found a cute little wooden rocking chair at a cool "antique" store called American Mercantile here in Medford.

This is first thing in the morning. You can definitely tell she just woke up :).

She was much more outgoing after breakfast and ready to play in it!

After nap time, Jewell attempted to sit in it this way. It was rather cute watching her figure out that it wasn't going to work.

Ah, finally!

And here she is watching her letters DVD so I can make dinner.

Jewell seems to really like her big girl chair. It definitely seems to be, just the right size.

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