Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All About Jewell

A few days ago I realized I had quite a few cute pictures/memories of Jewell that I hadn't had a chance to share yet. I plan to make my blog into baby books for my kids. That way when they get married, I can hand them their copy of family memories in hardback covered books. So before I forget, I better get caught up on Jewell!

Jewell is starting to finally attempt walking. At 18 months, I think I'd be tired of just scooting and crawling around too! Sorry, no pictures of that yet! But hopefully soon we can share a video or two :).

We lived in Medford for 2.5 weeks before our stuff got here. After staying in a hotel for 9 days, we were able to get into our rental. We borrowed a little table and 2 chairs from a friend. Here's Jewell eating at the table :).

She preferred standing...

Jewell has grown to love climbing and coming down the stairs! Here she is in all her cuteness.

We stayed in our house for a little over a week before our stuff got here. Jewell was extremely fascinated by the movers and moving truck. She got very upset when we tried moving her from this location.

It took me quite a while to find the tray to her highchair. I turned around to get something for her when I heard, "ball, ball, ball." I turned around, and Jewell had climbed out of her highchair onto the table and was taking all my oranges out and playing with them. She thought they were balls :).

Jewell still thinks her old baby toys are her toys. So when Jefferson is using one of them, she tries to play with it or get in it too!

She has enjoyed skyping with her grandma a few times as well!

If there is one thing that I have learned about unpacking it's that you can't leave any type of box that needs unpacked out! Fortunately, Jewell preferred to climb and sit on this one :).

Jewell is growing up so fast! She's adjusted rather well to her new routine with Mommy. She is definitely in the "toddler" stage, but she's still as sweet as ever.

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