Friday, April 15, 2011

Worth It All

Today is the 19 month mark for Jewell. Wow, 19 months? She's growing up so fast! Boy have I learned a lot since she was born. I have learned to not look at milestones anymore and to not be discouraged :). Instead, I've decided that Jewell is just trying to set a world record when it comes to her lack of walking independently.

As I look back at the last 19 months of her life and I see how much our family has changed I can only think of one thing. It was worth it all. Many people thought I was crazy that I was having 2 kids 16 months apart. But deep down, I wouldn't trade this crazy life for the world. Jewell is slowly becoming a great big sister. She may not understand why Jefferson is sitting or playing with her toys yet, but she loves him as much as a 19 month old can love someone else.

The past week has had its challenges. Jewell probably has ear infections again, and well, she's only cutting a whopping 4 molars! We've shed quite a few tears and tissues this week. But even with her discomforts, Jewell has learned to be a comfort. Earlier this week Jefferson was on his playmat while I was sorting laundry. I put Jewell in her chair and put on a Blues Clues so I could quickly sort and get the laundry in (Jewell freaks out if she's not distracted when I go into the garage to put the laundry in the wash). While I was working on the laundry, Jeffers began to fuss. Jewell then got out of her chair and went and sat next to him. She put her blanket on him and then patted his belly. A few minutes later he stopped fussing and began to smile at Jewell. I do believe in his mind they were playing together. I had to stop sorting the laundry at that moment to take a mental picture of what I considered sweet innocent love. They already adore each other so much and yet they are so young.

This time in life is difficult. A lot of training is taking place, and messes are constantly made and cleaned up. However, having these 2 just the way they are was completely worth it all.

Here are some recent pics of the 2 of them!

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