Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jewell Needs Glasses

About 3 weeks ago we started noticing that Jewell's left eye kept turning in when she focused on things. Both far and near actually. She eventually started closing that eye when she read books with us. Then I noticed the right eye ended up looking crossed too! I decided to mention this to Jewell's pediatrician when I went in for Jefferson's well check. She noticed it too. I was so impressed with her pediatrician again. She made a personal phone call to the ophthalmologist to get her in this week. Last time I had to take Jefferson in it took me over 2 months to get an appointment.

Today we saw Dr. Shultz. They noticed the right eye had weaker vision than the left. She got all the pictures correct on the left eye and some on the right eye. When they tested them together, she got one correct. They told me she has something called Accommodative Esotropia. It's complicated. But this is the explanation from the pamphlet they gave me. "Accommodative esotropia is a common form of esotropia that occurs in children usually 2 years or older. In this type of strabismus, when the child focuses the eyes to see clearly, the eyes turn inward. This crossing may occur when focusing at a distance, up close or both. Glasses reduce the focusing effort and often straighten the eyes. Sometimes bifocals are needed for close work. If significant crossing of the eyes persists with the glasses, surgery may be required."

Basically, needs glasses to correct the crossing so she can see properly. We are starting with standard lenses, but he believes she will need bifocals. He said they always have to start with the standard lenses to see if it corrects her long distance vision, but he will probably need to put her in bifocals after she gets used to the glasses. Most of the time, the glasses will correct the long distance vision, but not the up close. He said with her type of farsightedness (it's no the typical farsightedness like an adult) he has to test with standard lenses first. So, we will see how it goes :). The doctor said she more than likely won't want to take the glasses off once she gets them because they will help her focus so much better. Our little Jewell is going to look so cute!


  1. Hi, I've read your blog for awhile now coming from Kelly at Joyful Adorations - anyway I had to write to you because my 2 year old has the exact same diagnosis and has been in glasses since just before her 1st birthday (her's is actually classified as 'Early Onset' because it came about before her first birthday). But exact same story - one day the left eye looked crossed and then it was all the time. She has been wonderful with her glasses too! Since day 1 she has worn them without fuss and now she brings them right to me if they fall off etc. Some things that I have learned - if you can, buy two pairs, I know it's expensive (our insurance does not cover them) but when they are little they will break and have to go in for repair and it can take awhile. Also look into transition lenses, not only is it adorable that she has her little shades on outside but apparently kids with this condition are a little more sensitive to the sun. We bought our first pair at Pearle Vision as it was recommended (and it's so hard to find infant glasses with cable temples which is what we went with!) but then another Mom told me to check out walmart and it was half the price! So that's where we got our second pair and subsequently have done our lenses updates for about $80. Sorry to go on, I have recently started blogging but haven't touched on her glasses yet but there are pics of her on there with them on. Babies in glasses are the cutest!

    1. Oh thank you so much for all of the advice! It's good to know I'm not alone. And I love your idea on getting a second pair. I will definitely look into that. I will call Walmart to see if they take our insurance. I found a place that I shouldn't have to pay out of pocket. Do you know if transition lenses come with bifocals too?

    2. You know I'm not sure - my daughter doesn't have bifocals so I can't give advice! Can't wait to see pics of another sweet girl in glasses!