Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Painting Objects...Not Paper

What a long day. It was a typical loud day with the toddlers here at the Slocum House. I must say, I'm so thankful for a few quiet moments to myself this evening. I love the 2 children that I have been blessed to keep. But there is definitely something to be said about those moments when everyone is asleep :).

This last weekend, I went to the store to try and find some new and affordable crafts for my kids. My kids LOVE painting, but painting on paper was getting old. I found these great little animals the kids can paint that actually come with paint in a set of 2. And the best part? They were a total of 1 dollar!

I totally surprised the kids with the painting project today. They were so excited. Jewell painted a ladybug and Jefferson a dog. They did decide to switch halfway through too. It was so cute. But I'm pretty sure being able to paint something other than paper made their entire toddler day.

Jefferson loved painting his white dog white at first :)

I'm so glad I found these for the kids!

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