Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sugar Cookie Fun

Yesterday, we decided to make sugar cookies since it's Easter this week. We also included some flower shapes. I haven't made sugar cookies since Christmas of 2011. I just really didn't like the recipe I used. This time I used the Cookie Bible recipe and it was much better (for those that like sugar cookies).

The kids did a pretty good job "helping" me make the cookies. I did have to have a room time break so I could clean up before we cut the cookies out. :) And, I was exhausted after we finished. It only took us ALL DAY! The kids loved it though. They really enjoyed helping Mommy in the kitchen.

He looks so cute doesn't he. That is, until he threw the flour all over the electric stove coils :).

The kids thought it was funny that we put the dough in rolls to cool.

Jefferson couldn't wait for Jewell to wake up to frost the cookies.

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